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Its All About me

As an Artist I like to create emotion, reaction and narrative in my work. The Natural World, but manly Animal Life are what inspire and inform me on what direction I need to take, and as the composition slowly comes to life, this new painting has established itself with its own story, its own response to evoke and a sentiment that lingers on. 

fiona groom artist

Its Bio Time..

Fiona Groom’s artistic journey started with a variety of art courses which included Certificate II Visual Arts, Diploma of Visual Arts (Fine Arts) , and concluded with a  BA Double Major Fine Arts, Visual Culture. Professionally Fiona’s activities have included exhibitions in a variety of State and National Arts Festivals as well as Group and Solo Shows. Her work has also been displayed  in Florence, the US, Scotland and in addition to those shows Fiona has donated and displayed various  works to the Explorers Against Extinction presentation in London. Ms. Groom’s work has been purchased and shown in private collections throughout the world, here in Australia, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Europe, Singapore and the US. Some recent publications have seen her art feature in Creative Artist Magazine, Artist Palette Magazine, as well as several international Art Book publications and in addition to that she had the chance to feature in a TV episode of Put Some Colour in Your Life,

resulting in her episode being sent to the moon on Feb 15th 2024 as part of a cultural library being setup in three different areas of the moon by NASA & SpaceX.

Ms. Groom is active in her local Artistic community and continues to work/volunteer in a variety of Community Galleries on the Coast. This has given her plenty of occasion to work with other Artists, organize and present art and become involved in an assortment of local community events, including children’s art workshops, group exhibitions, art projects, exhibition installation, painting workshops, plus art group tutoring and community based Artisan Markets. Furthermore, Fiona has also had the opportunity to create her art large scale with the chance to create Animal art murals... It is all these artistic prospects that have helped her gain a better understanding of art making and in doing so has given her the direction and inspiration that she needed.

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